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:: Monday, August 19, 2002 ::

I'm trying my hardest to not become a bitter 22 year old. But I refuse to have a half empty glass. It might be too big at times, but never empty. I hate fighting with people, like the yelling kind. It makes me upset and everything I say feels really final. Like I have this fear that if I say I hate someone then something awful will happen to them. That's a really horrible way to feel and think you know. And I almost prefer people to hold grudges rather than to forgive and forget too quickly. Because if it's too quick than people aren't going to forgive, it will be all forgetting. And what good is that? So the next time I get in a fight it's going to be all fists. Mmmm, gotta love humor saves.

I'm really really really really really really really really excited about moving to Richmond. I need to get out of Bealeton. I wish I could bring Ali with me, but visits will have to do. Hehehe. And besides how fair would it be for her not to have to live here longer? hehe.

So I'm collecting secrets. Tell me your hopes and dreams. Your aspirations. Your perspirations. Your dedications. Your lists. Your shoe size. Your most embarassing moment. Your last kiss (better gossip than the first I bet). Tell Miss Cleo-er Scarlet.

4 more days of work..I can do it. I hope.

And if I go to Philly tomorrow, wish me luck.


:: Miss Scarlet 1:38 AM [+] ::
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