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:: Monday, August 19, 2002 ::

I'm not in Philly. I'm really upset too. I didn't get off til 5 and doors were at 8....yikes. And I'm really drained from the heat today for some reason. And I'd probably hit some rush hour traffic and I didn't want to risk getting there late bc that would suck. Oh yeah, and also the fact that my car has bad brakes. Eeeek! But the solution to this problem is that I am definitely considering going to the Pittsburgh show on Thursday. I dont work that day and Jackie said I can stay with her that nite at WVU. We'll see. Oh I hate that I'm not on my way to Philly. Too bad Anna's in Texas...I'd make her go with me.
Love and Kisses,

:: Miss Scarlet 5:51 PM [+] ::
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