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:: Thursday, August 15, 2002 ::

I think Ali and I just single (double) handedly financed Hey Mercedes for the rest of their tour. We bought a few shirts and the EP, hehe. I love buying shirts at shows because 1) they support the band, 2) they're usually really cool and 3) they're cheaper than stores. The EP is great. I'm glad I didn't play $12 for it at Plan9 a few weeks ago, sheesh. But what is that *secret* track? Ali knew the words but couldn't place it. "Quit" was so good tonite. The backup vocals at the end added so much to it, it got really exciting. That's one of my favorite songs of their's. That and all of the others;) Anyway, I'm glad Ali survived her first big show in the scary city. Tomorrow nite we're going to see ALL at the Black Cat.
I'm really tired but hopefully I can write more once I'm rested. Good nite and farewell!
I might be changing my living plans for Richmond, woohooo! But again, I don't want to say too much;)

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