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:: Thursday, August 08, 2002 ::

I may have an apartment!I dont want to say too much as to not jinx it.

Our pool is green again, wtf. The chlorine has been too high for anything to live in it. I hate mustard algae. You know, it's plants in general that have been messing up things for the past few months. Barf.

Tomorrow I work (if its not green) from 11-5....then I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow nite. I'm sick of driving. Although I wish I could go to the *beach*. I wish Rena wasn't at camp. I've lost track of when she'll be back. We're watching Jurassic Park 3 right now. Those dammed raptors;)

My arm keeps hurting a lot, making that no good clicking noise. Ugh.

I'm out,

:: Miss Scarlet 8:18 PM [+] ::
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