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:: Saturday, August 17, 2002 ::

Here's the story,yo: We're leaving for Hershey, PA at 6 effing AM tomorrow. But Ali and I are driving separately so thats good, we can listen to the good music. I'm thinking Trail of Dead, Hey Mercedes, ALL, Sparta, Silverchair, some Bon Jovimmmmmm...hehe. We're just staying overnite so for all of you loyal readers (oh wait, probably just me) you'll have to make it thru 2 days without any blogs. Unless of course our hotel has one of those nifty pay-by-the-nanosecond-to-use-the-internet things which um, I will NOT be using. No way jose.
I'll do my big concerts wrap up when I get back, it's getting late and I have to get up in roughly 4 hours. Holy crap!
Good nite Irene....XO,

:: Miss Scarlet 12:40 AM [+] ::
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