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:: Thursday, August 01, 2002 ::

Babies love me. I got to hold little Layla a lot today, she didn't want to leave me. And I also got these 2 little 6 year olds to say they wanted to be in my "family". They were serious. Emily said that she didn't think she'd miss her family and she'd have fun with me because we'd go to Kings Dominion a lot. After I realized they thought they'd actually get to come live with me I said that they'd need jobs before they could leave home. Emily said she'd be a dentist and once she brings me that first paycheck she's moving in. Kids love me.
All food that is stored in water/vinegar/etc is so gross. Like pickles, and peppers and stuff like that...ew and beets. Makes me sick. I also think Cole Slaw is disgusting, ew! And don't get me started on Sour Cream, blech.
There are these 2 adorable little skater boys at the pool. They're going to be so cool in about *4* years. I saw Daron's butt today, that was traumatic.
I'm bored, Ali's downstair's with Natty Light:( Somebody today said I seem like the type of person who is going to run off to NYC and make it big. That made me really happy and excited. How could they read my mind? I give myself no more than 3 years in Richmond then I'm off to the city no matter what. That will put me right on track...
I'm bored out of my mind. Noone is online, what the Hell? Is something going on I forgot about? I bet I did. Dammit.
I've decided to buy a DVD long as it will work with my tv.
Random Questions I want you to email me the answers to:
1. Favorite Sport
2. Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Coke?
3. Did you go to Prom?
4. Where are you right this second?
5. Do you want to go to the beach with me? Seriously, I want to go.
6. Have you seen the Karate Kid?
7. Do you love the Karate Kid?
8. Did you like high school?
9. Short Answer: Top 3 Things You've Done In Your Life and Why!
10. Can you float?

THanks thanks....I'll answer when I feel like it.
Send me some email I'm so effing bored!
ps. fjdsfkjewruiewofjds rewr f fwF WAF FEW FEW

:: Miss Scarlet 8:50 PM [+] ::
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