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:: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 ::

Today was long. And not too much fun. Practice in the morning then worked til about 2 then went to the dentist. New dentist, they were nice though. The actual dentist guy was new and for some reason that made me really happy that some newbie got a job. Yay for him. He was good too. Except he didn't know how to operate the chair, haha. So I was all the way lying down and he went to raise it back up and the hygienist was like "uh, I've got it!" Hehehe. I have to get my wisdom teeth out.
Got back to work at like 5 (had to wait for the Al-ster) and that's when I was getting annoyed. In case someone hasn't already read: our pool sucks at the moment. It was green for about a week and closed and our manager has been "let go". Now it seems like everyone has a solution or an opinion. Well, you know what? I dont care what these people think. And you know what? Don't act like we don't do anything-if these people were there all day long then they could say things aren't getting done but there is no way we can work constantly in that heat. So calm down everyone. I'm just irritated for a bunch of reasons that some of which are kinda petty so I won't get into them all here.

One thing I want to say is that the end of August, beginning of September is going to be THE GREATEST WEEK OR SO OF MY LIFE! Unless of course I end up commuting to effing Richmond. By the way, I NEED A ROOMMATE!


Sat: Party at Pat's for Nick's coming home and James' leaving (las vegas)

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