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:: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 ::

Today I got paid for swim team and also got a raise-wooooohooooo!

Let's see. Thoughts...I'm too tired for thoughts.
~Today this gross girl and her gross boyfriend were in the pool and let's just say a few *Hand Checks* would have helped out. It was nasty. When not in the pool (ew) they sat on the grass with a towel over their heads and he definitely let out a few grunts and other weird noises. Oh gawd, I felt dirty.
~Bubbles are really cool. Ali and I have the bubbles that stay longer than normal ones and they are so cool. I like weddings with bubbles. I don't understand weddings and paying zillions of dollars on flowers. The bouquets and such are understandable but why do you need table centerpieces? All eyes better be on me, not the center of the table. If anything the center of the table can have a picture of me or something-ha.
~Crossword puzzles....not for nerds. I love them. I don't even care if I don't finish them. And I'm such a rebel-I use pen.
~What exactly is soda ash? And is it really bad that I touched it while putting it in the pool. The bottles of HCl scare me though. I remember (small parts) of Organic Chem. Oh gawd, that was such a horrible class. I remember my lab group started out as me and these 3 other girls who were a few years older. And then the one dropped out and then the other. And then in the second semester of it the girl Katrina who was really cool dropped out. That's when I knew it was hopeless. That was such a hard class. The labs were so freaking annoying. Horrible memories of the set ups alone. EW. Stop.
~I'm going to sell powder chlorine on the black market. I bet sniffing it would give a nice little high. I'm not up for trying it though. I've lost enough brain cells from the stuff.
Peace, love and applesauce...

:: Miss Scarlet 12:27 AM [+] ::
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