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:: Friday, July 05, 2002 ::

Thanks to everyone who came to my house last nite for 4th of July. I had a great time and I hope everyone else did too:) Let's see, here's a summary:
It was very very very very very very hot. I got back from staying at Vanessa's apt in Fredericksburg with some of the band guys at abou 1 and helped set up. Then I escaped to my room. I think our first guests arrived at about 4 and more and more from 5 to 6. I think Edenpark and Vanessa got there at about 5 maybe...I can't remember. Basically we all escaped the heat and sat around in the den downstairs. Then they set up and we ate a lot of food and Vanessa and Pat got drunk, hehe. Then at 7ish Edenpark played and were awesome!!! They played a really long set and were super entertaining....but not as entertaining as the old guy who danced. We also had some fireworks to go along with the music. Oh wait, I just saw that it says "Sorry, publishing is temporarliy unavaible" so I am going to stop and finish later so I don't lose anything....

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