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:: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 ::

I dunno Jules, I definitely rinsed it off in the pool water, hehe. I only had it on the tips of my fingers though. The pool is looking good. THe baby pool pump definitly sprung a leak today so that should be interesting for the enxt month. *sigh* My new raise is helping me be able to go to work everyday. Especially today since I was supposed to have the day off. I figured out I should be able to make another grand before I leave=)
The Karate Kid may just be my favorite movie. Say what you want about "good movies" but this one is a classic. I'm watching it now for the umpteenth time. So, here are some quotes as I watch:
~"Ali with an I" "What's your name?" "Um, Daniel...with an L"
~"Are you on something?" "Yeah, I'm on minute maid."
~"It's a cruel, cruel summer"
It's so mean with the guys set Daniel-san up to get kicked out of soccer tryouts:( He handles a mean ball;)

I'm 68% pure....weak. Too bad "making out with a father" isn't on there. I could call up *Goal* and get working. So, I've said too much. Work tomorrow 11-5...Work Friday...Work Sat...Work Sunday...That should be an ok day bc we have someone new: Flo. She's a friend of Ali's and she's cool. We can listen to Blur all day, awoohoo!


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