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:: Sunday, July 07, 2002 ::

I don't feel like finishing up the 4th of July summary....basically Edenpark played a really long set and it was a lot of fun and everyone liked it. They sang about the 4th of July and Apex being emo which was funny. They did a little Bin Laden/ Bush skit which involved the trampoline, haha. I can't wait to get the pictures back. The fireworks were good too. I was sad when everyone left. I got hugs from EVERYONE which was very important. I'm turning into a Hugger which is unnerving, my mom used to yell at me bc I didn't give good hugs.Interesting. I still need to work on it, I have a few people in mind, muahha!
This Week:
Monday- Swim Practice 9-11:30AM and 7-9PM other than that I have nothing
Tuesday- Swim Practice 9-11:30 AM and then the meet against the country club at about 6, but I have to be there at 4:30
Wednesday- Maybe no practice, we'll see and then Coheed and Cambria at the Ottobard that nite

Ok, that's enough. Good luck with the boyz Jules.

:: Miss Scarlet 8:54 PM [+] ::
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