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:: Saturday, June 29, 2002 ::

Oh stop annoying me. Please, for the love of God. Get a life. One that fits. That's all.

I've been up since 6AM bc we had our makeup swim meet this morning. It went smoothly although we lost...we're used to it, since at least 1994 we've only won once (note: it was during one of my coaching years, hehe). And it's not bc we dont have good swimmers, we do. It's just that we're way too small, we can't get the maximum number of points we can. Anyway, then I had to work all day from 12 til 7....Boy am I beat. Tomorrow I work 11-6 then Monday Dad and I are going to the VCU orientation. I wish my potential rommate(s) would write me back. It's really insensitive not to.

My back is KILLING me, like it started as a muscle thing where stretchig helped, but now it hurts more often and its a different kind of pain:(


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