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:: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 ::

Yes, have some. Soon, I am going to have some. Wether it is cool ranch doritos with fish food on it or perhaps an extraordinary recital hearing, or hopfully just some ass....(haha) it's going to happen. MUAHHAHA! I'm an animal so watch out (babay).

Today turned from HORRIBLE to pretty darn good all with the help of junk food and our sponsor....yummy! Tomorrow at 9:30AM is my hearing, I really hope it goes well.

At the moment I have no ability to concentrate. I am supposed to be at the Death and Dismemberment tour right now but alas, I am not. It's a sad, sad day when I choose school over a show. I was sort of afraid I was coming down with something. But yeah, Dr. Baker would have shot me if I had missed orchestra.
I don't know what to write. I am looking forward to the weekend. Oh babay!

:: Miss Scarlet 11:19 PM [+] ::
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