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:: Monday, March 18, 2002 ::

Vanessa and I are having our Dedication Radio Show this morning at 11! Tun einto 91.5fm or go to the Eagle's Nest to see if you made the cut. As a preview, let me just say I wish I coud play "Closer" by NIN for a *few* people;) muhahah!

I am super tired, you would think that getting twice as much sleep than the nite before would help, but it doesn't. I had a dream that I read Anna's away message and it said "Trail of Dead are playing MWC!" and I was so excited, Oh how I wish this was true!

I reserved my bus ticket from NYC to Baltimore, but they don't take your credit card number for it, you pay up there...which is sort of scary. So let's hope I get home.

Oh yes, and props to Julianne on the best Mu Phi idea of the year! (Not counting unevents bc hey, how can you compete with those?)


:: Miss Scarlet 10:20 AM [+] ::
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