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:: Sunday, March 17, 2002 ::

Random words to describe tonite (in no particular order):
steal, fire, shoe, pizza, grass, note, late, water, meet, spin, skull, landlord, towel, upholstery, BUST!

I'm listening to Trail of Dead, have I mentiong I love them? Har har...
If you're perceptive then you may be wondering how I am able to listen to music so late at nite, roommate was not here when I got back. There fore it's 4AM and I am listening to Baudelaire-greatest song ever. Now it's Homage, amazing!
Anyway, tonite was different, to say the least. I am all about giving details on shows and stuff (painful details, I know) but I don't like writing a lot about parties. I had fun, it was a nice time....different than what I had pictured in my mind I guess. And I hate it when things get built up and then are "different". It's not even that anything is bad usually, just not how my overdaydreaming mind thinks about it. Dammit, the blog is turning into my therapist. Haha, just kidding....Anyway:
Things to think about:
~Tomorrow Jules and I have orchestra from 1:30-4:30, I have a feeling this one is going to be rough on oh so many levels
~My dad has to come to fix my car, how is it that in a mere 24 hours of being without a car I have missed it SO much. And needed it a lot too. I hate having to depend on people for rides. But thanks to those who have given them to me=)
~Tuesday is the big leaving day. I will have class from 8:25 til 10:45 and then I suppose I will pack and the bus for NYC leaves at 1PM!!!!! I am so looking forward to the ride because like Julianne and I were thinking, we so just want to sit and relax, and a 7 hour bus trip is the perfect opportunity!
~Wednesday is the concert day, full of rehearsal too, blech!
~I guess I am staying in NYC til Friday, I should let my teachers know, muaha!
~If I am not mistaken I think there is a party next weeekend.....We shall be having some! Mark my words.

Good nite sweet prince, Godspeed and never forget to open the door before you walk into a room!

OOOO (no X's tonite)

:: Miss Scarlet 4:14 AM [+] ::
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