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:: Friday, March 15, 2002 ::

Props to Vanessa on the ass kicking, she did a great job. Last nite was amazing, as are all of the nites when I go to shows. The Rumple Foreskins (oh Lord) were ok, they had good stage presence as Van put it. They had poppish music with that screamingish style of singing, and very funny songs. The Deviltones were so-so, I wasn't as into them. And that might have been when Vanessa deserted me (kidding) to go have it out with BriBri. was time for The Pavers who I have loved since the second I heard them when Brian S. put them on a mix tape for me last year. How can you go wrong with an ex-ALL singer? Yay for Scott Reynolds=) Anyway, their set was awesome, I almost screamed when they started "Mr. Shepard's Bandage"-one of the most catchy songs ever if you ask me. I was sad though bc they got cut short and didn't get to play "Trees" which is so cool, I wanted to see him sing that song live because its so freaking fast, I can't sing along when I listen to it. Craziness! Scott (the singer) is cool, he has a really neat voice that is sort of scratchy but it works well for the music and its really cute when he sort of falls to the ground and sings, hehe. Tim is the guitar player who was closer to us and I can't help it, I have to mention that he's a cutie. Mostly in the way he plays which was fun, he'd sort of dance around and then like flail, its hard to describe. He was good too. Eric is the other guitar player and he was much quieter and just did his thing (his thing being rocking out, by the way). Mark is the bass player and when he wasn't keeping the bass drum in place he was playing some ferocious bass, ok..I just wanted to say that. He was cool! Now Josh....Josh is the drummer. He is SO good, Now I am not a drummer and I might be totally wrong but I thought he was really talented. I was super impressed. He also did some backups and even when he wasn't doing backups he was singing along which was cute. I really like the times when he'd hold one hand up while playing with the other, I love those fancy drumming things (the Marching Band guys always did those, although their's were usually dirty, ew).
Then when the show was over Vanessa and I stuck around because we were trying to get together $10 for a CD and I wanted a set list.......and I guess we were going to say bye to Brian. So after a certain someone who was being really annoying about talking to the band shut up, I asked Josh if I could "be a big dork and have the setlist bc I collect them" and he was so cool and said yes (of course) and introduced himself and he liked my name (hehe) and I said how I've wanted to see them for awhile now and they were very exciting. Then the merch guy let us have the CD for only $9, yay! THANKS! Then we headed outside because we didn't want to turn into groupies (who am I kidding, I am such a groupie;)) and this is when the 2 drunk old guys started talking to us. The one guy with glasses had been in the show and showed off his dancing moves, whoa struggle. They were trying to get us to go to a party with the in Oregon Hill (no thank you) and were very excited about our "nice teeth" and seemed to enjoy my ponytail. After the "oooh, you have nice teeth" comment I was a little wary about them and made sure the band or Brian didn't leave without us. Apparently Vanessa didn't hear the "nice teeth" line and that's why she didn't think they were as sketchy as I did, haha. Then we got rid of them and went back over to the band and asked Brian for a ride to our car which was a few blocks away.
This was all while The Pavers were packing up their RV and trailer and were joking that we needed to help, hehe. And we talked to Josh a bit more and then Scott was like "Allright, are we going to take the pictures with the deer, or not?!" so they brought out this sort of stuffed deer (NOT REAL) that I think they stole from somewhere and we all took pictures of the group around it. I am not sure if Vanessa and I actually took one of each other in it, but that's ok. Maybe the ones Mark took will go on the webpage:) That was so much fun! I think I got one of Scott "riding" the front half of the deer, oh my.
Then we were saying bye to them and mentioned that we hoped we wouldn't die on our way back to our car and they OFFERED US A RIDE! And we even said we didn't want to make them go out of their way but they were pretty into it so Vanessa and I hopped into the RV which was definitely sporting the 70's decor. This is when I turned into "Miss Talkative" and was telling them all about how we like PBR now and that Miller Lite is our sponsor, haha. They got a kick out of that. And Eric said something about "PBR gives you the shits" and I said "Not me" and he said "Everyone shits" and I said "Not girls" (hehe) and Josh, who was right next to me, said "Ohh yeah, girls shit ROSES!" and I said "THAT'S MY LAST NAME YAY!" hahhaha, and he said "NO WAY! Your name is Scarlet Rose?" (I love my name by the way!!! Thanks mom and dad!) so I whipped out the bent up license and proved it and they all agreed that it's a porn name, hahah. And I said "So don't forget me!" and Josh said "How could I forget someone named Scarlet Rose?!" (yay!) So I told the story about calling the radio station Friday night at 4:30 and requesting a song and the DJ said it was strippers name. And one of them asked which song "PARANOID BY BLACK SABBATH BABAY!" which was exciting and then Josh asked what show I was at in Philly and he actually knew about Trail of Dead which made me want to make him my best friend!!! So I told him about how amazing the show was and stuff. And during all of this Vanessa was telling the merch guy how to get to the car, Thanks Van....I had a one track mind at that moment and it was *talking*. So we said our thanks and goodbyes and as I was getting into the car I saw my ALL sweatshirt and decided it would be a good idea to express my love for ALL (don't forget, Scott used to sing for them in the late 80s!) so I held it up and said "I LOVE ALL!" and Josh was like "haha, cool....but you need to love The Pavers now!" which of course I do! And Scott said something like "I hate ALL!" jokingly of course, he was wearing an ALL t-shirt:) Then they followd us out of Richmond and to 95 and were following us until we got separated because going 55 miles an hour was ridiculous.
YES, HAVE SOME! I love shows and I love bands and I love band members!!!!!!!!!!

This latter half of the week has been very good, for the most part. i am apporved for my recital YAY! We go to NYC next week, my mom is coming to the concert tonite and is bringing my new phone! After party at Jules? (are you feeling well enough?) St. Patty's day party at Nick's tomorrow, watch out! I am in love with my outfit today (long jean skirt and my Count Me Out shirt).....2 breakfast sandwiches at Seacobek today (muhaha, Alyssa and I so beat the system), I actually understood things in Botany lab today, I cleaned my room a bit, I put some pictures in albums.....No mail though, bust!



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