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:: Sunday, March 03, 2002 ::

Julianne did a good job summing up the weekend. I want to add that it was an awesome trip and I had SO much fun with yous guys. I was very apprehensive about the lack of ski experience I had (read: none) especially after having to SKI down that first mountain. Basically I learned how to put my boots in the skis and how to go really fast in about 5 minutes. I would like to thank the first kind man who helped me up "You are my hero" as well as our own gentleman Nick who helped me up the second time "You are also my hero". I dont' know why but my hips go gimp at times and feel like they are going to pop, not a good feeling. So after I realized that getting up on skis is harder than Organic Chemistry I sort of made a big effort to not fall! And on the second trail I learned how to stop-very important. I still don't understand why on certain turns there are no barriers or anything to prevent a person lacking the ability to stop from hurtling over the side of the mountain! Craziness. I had a lot of fun in ski school though, mostly because I was a star pupil. Some of the peeps in my class had never put on skis and I had just been down two mountains so I had a little edge over them.
Before I go, let me explain my fear of sliding down chin first: When I was little I was sledding with my brother or something and I dont' remember the details but I fell off the sled and ended up scraping my chin up realllllly bad bc I slid down CHIN FIRST and it was really traumatic!!!!!
Ali is kicking me off of the computer for a few minutes.....I'll be back.

:: Miss Scarlet 10:10 PM [+] ::
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