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:: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 ::

(I wrote this awhile ago but the blogger was down, so here ya go)

*Mac and Cheese for lunch, mmm
*90210 is on, but its not an exciting one, bust
*Read the Top 100 American Albums in, I don't agree but that's
ok because they reviewed Trail Of Dead and said good thigns:)
*Wishing it was a regular Wed nite complete with Hard Times....I also wish
it was true under 21ers could get in, erg!
*Practiced my clarinet, yes I know ***SHOCKING***. I am awesome when I
practice alone, but once I play with the piano and Dr. Baker is staring at
me I suck, go figure.
*If I could find the bottom piece to the blender I would make Pina Coladas,
but alas....that bottom piece is nowhere to be found and 'quite' important.
*I wish another kegger/party was coming up sooner, I don't think I can wait
that long to lose my inhibitions!
*TV sucks...I've seen that same episode of Real World about 3794032 times!
*Tomorrow is the first Trail of Dead show, I am tres excited, especially
since the next day I won't have to get up early, aww yeah!
*Today is the Hump Day of Spring Break which is a little depressing....I am
enjoying break. For once I am going out and doing things. I never want to go
back to my dorm room DON'T MAKE ME! and the thought of classes....eeeeek, I
shudder just thinking about them! see: *shudder* (I don't joke about things
like that)

I should get off of the phone line. I just noticed on one of my sister's
papers that the high school has an elective class "Employment
Training"....why don't colleges offer this class!?
the sgt.

:: Miss Scarlet 6:01 PM [+] ::
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