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:: Friday, March 08, 2002 ::

I just got back from one of the most amazing shows ever. Those Peabody's and Trail Of Dead rawked the effing Black Cat! First of all, Anna and I have got this "going to shows" thing down pat. We Manage to get in front every time and one of us always has a camera. So the opening band was reallly good,I enjoyed them a lot and the guitar played was like "yeah, we don't have a place to stay tonite...." (remember that for later). I am horrible at describing bands but they were good driving rock with the vocals I like, sort of screamy at times, quiet at times...I dunno. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead has moved into my All-Time Favorite Bands List. Kevin, Conrad, Neil, and Jason...all four are effing amazing. I love that there are different singers and Jason and Conrad switch it up between drums and guitar. They played all of my favorites such as Homage, Relative Ways, Mistakes and Regrets, and Baudelaire (sp?). Towards the end they tore up the stage and all left except for Jason who said "But I want to play more...come back guys" and they did. After Jason and Conrad wrestled a bit they played more and once again destroyed the stage this time throwing the drums set and smashing guitars. The people in the crowd were a bit annoying bc they kept grabbing Conrad's leg and eventually pulled him into the crowd and took over his guitar-ugh, grow up. Yes, I would like to grab his ass, I mean leg, but I also don't want to annoy him or have him get hurt. Whatever. So anyway, they finished and Anna and I both managed to score setlists (oh yeah, I got one from the opening band too!) which was SO exciting bc it's hard enough to get one, let alone one for each!
So then we found the drummer for the first band and Anna offered him and his bandmates to stay in her dorm room (me too:) but after talking to the guys they decided they shouldn't drive south when they needed to head to Philly. But the drummer Aaron was way cool and gave Anna a free CD and put us on the guest list for tomorrow (Friday) night's show in Philly! YESSSSS!!!!!! Then we talked to all of the Trail Of Dead guys and I got them to sign my set list and Anna got them to sign her CD and it was amazing bc they are so nice and so cute and they SO remembered us from Baltimore last fall! Kevin offered to put us on the guest list for tomorrow too and when we said Aaron already took care of us he was like "cool! If there's any problem just find me...You should get in free for driving that far!" *I love you!* Then we said bye to Conrad and said "See you tomorrow!" and he looked surprised and said "Tomorrow? Oh Cool! See ya!!!!" then we saw Jason and we shook hands *hubada* and then HE offered to put us on the guest list! SCORE! So basically, we are the guests of honor for the show tomorrow, haha. I can't wait! Even though I have to drive a zillion hours, its so worth it.
I must sleep now.....I took more than the recommended dosage of allergy medicine and after falling asleep on Anna on the way back and managing to make it the 30 miles home I owe it to myself to sleep!

:: Miss Scarlet 3:03 AM [+] ::
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