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:: Sunday, March 17, 2002 ::

I have decided I "need" to get Chinese tonite....I am so hungry, maybe it's correlated with amount of sleep. But I already used my dinner meal and I don't have a car to go buy anything else. So, now I need to find someone to order it with me bc I don't want to have to get $10 worth by myself, bust. Oh I can't wait! *stomach growl*

I am trying to read a little Botany, I'd like to get my notes copied over and some flash cards made to take for the NYC trip (yeah right). But The Hunt For Red October is on, such a great movie! I remember watching this movie with my brother right before he went into the Navy...that and Full Metal Jacket (eek!).

So, who'se reading this mofo? Let Me Know!!!!!

:: Miss Scarlet 6:09 PM [+] ::
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