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:: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 ::

Good Morning...I've done quite a lot and it's only 10:30. I've already had a mini lesson, a recital hearing, a visit with Julianne and brekafast. Whew. The hearing went well. It was awesome because they said "start with whatver you want" so of course I started with the shmoozy Fantasie part of the Rose piece. AND afterwards Dr. FIckett said "ooh, very pretty" hehe, YAY! And I didn't have to play the scary fast movement-yay! Then I had to play the first movement of the Sonatina (the weird Eastern European one) which is fine bc it's easy fo rme, and they stopped before I was done anyway. Then I played the Ravel which is FUN! Hehe, went well! YAY! Norwood and Fickett were nice, props to them.
Yeah, I am sad that today is not a Hard Times nite...but money does need to be saved. I need some PBR for Saturday, muhaha! Beer, the love catalyst.
Let's see, I have lab at 1, then my radio show 4-6 then orchestra 7-9....whew. Way too much to do. Tomorrow is Botany at 8:25, Conducitng (MUST LEARN BEETHOVEN SCORE!) at 9:30, then Music History at 2 but I think we have a guest lecturere, awesome. Then Orchestra 7-9. Then Friday I have my lab at 1 then the Orchestra concert at 8...and I think my mom is coming, sweet.

So Verizon better call me today, bastards.


:: Miss Scarlet 10:47 AM [+] ::
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