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:: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 ::

Well,Orchestra was amazing because our very own Julianne Wallace *Head Bitch* conducted ne of our pieces and was awesome! She's such a natural;) I do apologize if I made you laugh or anything...
The Iming tonite has been a bit successful, I won't go into details but sometimes being a non-thinking crackhead is ok. Right Jules? Man, I need to "practice". ha....ha........HA! Let's get muscle relaxers, this lab is getting tense! I have that anxious/nervous feeling that I hhhhhhate! I could use a cold one. Miller Lite needs to be a *real* sponsor and give us free stuff, like shirts and cars and BEER! I have a 40 of Old E in my fridge but that might not work well with all of the music history I am "studying". Ok, for real time to study......

:: Miss Scarlet 10:00 PM [+] ::
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