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:: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 ::

Reasons why today changed from "Not so bad" to "Please shoot me":
~I had to wake up before breakfast
~I realized I am screwed in Botany and should just enter the housing selection, ugh
~I have negative amounts of money if you take into consideration my credit card bill....*cries*
~I have a music history test tomorrow for which I still know nothing
~I have my bass lesson which IS a good thing but not if I am going to sneeze the whole time
~Speaking of which, I have my wacked out version of a cold where I sneeze a LOT all day long and am miserable
~I have a lot of laundry to do and no time to do it
~No Hard Times tonite:(
~vyxj siwab;r qlbr nw.....smf o esmy vjst;or@@@ (That's some sort of code for things which shall not be shared on the internet...If you're really curious then you can IM me, muhahah but I reserve the right not to tell you)
~My car is making weird noises when I accelerate. Not good. I think I have bad luck when it comes to cars, Let's see I've had 4 cars and 1 died, 1 struggle, 1 was tres bien (yay firebird!) and then this one is struggling. I feel like I wear out the brakes extra fast or something. Must be all of the drag racing and stopping.

Basically I'd like the day to roll over and die. I am off to watch 90210 and practice my bass!

:: Miss Scarlet 2:03 PM [+] ::
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