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:: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 ::

Biology sucks, I hate it so much.

Dr. Baker needs to realize that the reason I never answer questions or speak up is because the answers to his question vary on a day to day basis.

ALl I want right now are my Outback leftovers, but do i *have* a plate to heat it up on? NO! Does the Eagles Nest have the paper they usually have out for me to steal? NO! Are there any paper plates in my halls kitchen to steal? NO! *sniff*
I Baltimore too, but for other reasons...mainly bc I saw ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead there last semester with Anna, Ben Kohler and Johnny Fink (oh babay!). But only 1 week til we get to go see them again in DC and Philly!

Too bad I have nothing exciting to write about. Today in Botany my professor mentioned Cafe Davanzo and I wanted to laugh....It also reminded me that I hadn't eaten breakfast and there are no hot guys in my class.....

:: Miss Scarlet 11:41 AM [+] ::
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