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:: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 ::

I say a lot of mean things in my head. Generally I like most people but there are times when either someone has done something against a family member or a close friend or has done something to me. Some people just rub me the wrong way.

So I have these thoughts in my head against and about people but why can't I always vocalize them? I'm not sure which is more important to me: being liked by most people or being thought of as a nice person. Or maybe they just seem to go hand in hand for me.

And I'm exagerating here so don't get the idea that my thought process is entirely negative or that my main concern is what other people think of me. It's not.

I had this situation a few years ago with a boss who tried to go after my sister and ruin her working reputation. Well, that was it...she was an enemy from that point on. But while I would complain to friends and family I never really said something to her face (cold words, etc don't count) or to the people running the establishment (our bosses). Part of it was that I didn't want to have a black mark on my working record as someone who couldn't get along with her boss. But I also didn't want to have to go to work each day with someone who formally did not like me.

But why is it better to play nice? We both knew we hated each other yet we would joke around sometimes and speak to each other. I have people now who I'm not really a fan of but I still am friendly with them. Is it better to be honest about these things? CAN I be honest about these things? It bothers me when someone doesn't like me and I think that's true for most people.

Just some thoughts I was having...

:: Miss Scarlet 12:24 PM [+] ::
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