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:: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 ::

Livejournal has failed to post my last two entries. How rude!

It's so late (2am) and I am not tired at all. The wild cherry pepsi I purchased earlier hasn't helped. I got to wear a long sleeved shirt and take my jacket earlier, I was elated. My one and only thing I miss when the weather gets colder is that I can't wear flip flops anymore. And this is especially distressing this year as I really need some new shoes. I went to DSW the other day looking for some and I found ones I like but much to my disapointment none of them fit correctly which led me to the awful thought that my feet are longer! But, I'm fairly certain it's just bc I haven't worn real shoes in like 3 months. I also wish I could take like an inch and a half off my height sometimes (and only sometimes) so I could wear some shoes that aren't completely flat. Or, maybe I just need to find taller friends.
Ok, I just put Cruel Intentions on since there's nothing good on tv. If I were smart I'd put on a long movie and fall asleep to it or read more or try the slow breathing trick but no, I'd rather stay up half the nite;) Night is superior to day though so it makes sense.
I think that tomorrow I'm going to go for a really long walk with the objective of taking pictures with my digital camera. I was looking at this LJ Community for photography and I got some good ideas. And that is the cool thing about a digital camera is that you can try new things and not have to spend money on film and developing. I used to be so against them bc I love actual prints but now I have the Photosmart printer and the luxury of taking 100s of pcitures a day if I want to so I've changed my tune. It's also a lot easier to carry a small digital camera around rather than a big 35mm one.
I really need to get back to NYC soon. I see it on shows and movies and I actually get excited. Is that normal? To get excited about a city? THe next time I go will most likely be with my mom and I really want to go for like 3 or 4 days. I want to go shopping in Soho and also be able to try to go to some show tapings. Plus, my mom and I will need to hit the town for a few nites to party it up!
Ok, Still not tired. 35 minutes later. But I'm done typing this.
Goodnite Irene!

:: Miss Scarlet 2:35 AM [+] ::
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