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:: Monday, October 06, 2003 ::

Green peppers are the bane of my existance.
I'm serious. They plague the foods I enjoy: spaghetti Ever tried to just take off the green pepper from a piece of pizza? You may as well eat the nasty little green thing because by then the taste has permeated throughout the cheese. It's digusting. And spaghetti sauce? Why can't a person just enjoy the taste of the tomatoes, it's enough for me. Don't get my started on salsa and it's CHUNKS of green peppers that always wind up being the bottom third of the jar once I've eaten the good parts. There has been one time in my life when I ate a raw green pepper that did not make me hurl and that is when Julianne made me dinner one nite. However, I think the circumstances were outstanding seeing as how I probably had not eaten all day and was living on only free chips and salsa (sans green peppers thank you very much) from Tias Happy Hour. So yes, this rare occurrance when I almost enjoyed the taste of the green pepper is a fluke, I assure you. Thanks for listening, and next food gripe: sour cream. Stay tuned...

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