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:: Sunday, October 12, 2003 ::

For reasons I can not explain I ended up at Big Lots today, a store I had vowed to never visit. I ended up buying 2 frames, a movie, and a pack of jewel cd cases. After ringing up my purchases I realized my license and debit card are still in my pants from last nite! So I wrote a check and put all my pertinant information on it but she still asked to see an ID. And when I told her I did not have one she just looked at me so I asked if there was anything else acceptable. She said, "Anything with your picture on it?" like I was writing a check for $3000 and she had to make sure it was legit. So I showed her my MWC ID which, ta da! has my picture. OK, So then she says, "No, This is from 1980. I don't think so" first I didn't realize what she was talking about and then exclaimed, "That's my birthday!" I mean, come I look over 40? Because I'm obviously about 18 in the picture and am 23 now....Weird. Anyway, She still acted like she was totally breaking the rules for me and it sort of made me wish my check was fake or something. Stupid woman.
I also went to DSW Shoes and was once again disappointed as nothing fit!!!!!! I did see some cool Pumas there but they weren't reduced in price enough=/ Bust.
I'm really tired, I'm going to go read some magazines on my bed. Woop.

:: Miss Scarlet 5:46 PM [+] ::
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