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:: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 ::

Bryan nudges me and says, "Working some magic over there?"
I laugh and say, "I work magic whereever I go"

I can't believe I was so close to picking that guitar up, I need to practice a lot for next time. I hope that guy is learning Simple Man for me.

Julianne, I think it's funny because I guess we really are a lot different. But it's awesome and I think that's why we're a good fit: Like an enzyme and it's cofactor...or something like that.

I'm wondering where my Spin magazine is, it still goes to the old address but I hope they realize that if I don't get my issue with the Dave Grohl rock tales then heads will ROLL! (and rock?)

"I'm going to get my masters in rock"
"And then you can get one in roll"


:: Miss Scarlet 4:11 PM [+] ::
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