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:: Sunday, March 02, 2003 ::

Scarlet, I had an awesome day yesterday too! Rachel and I woke up and went down to my favorite coffee place and ate breakfast...and then we sat and watched all the people in fells for like an hour. I love to watch people and talk about them-its the best activity and i recommend it to anyone! After that, we went to Canton to wash our clothes. Our dryer is still broken and the laudramat around here is so sketch, so rachel and i thought that since all the cute boys live in canton then most definately some of them would be at the O'donnell square laundramat, unfortunately not, but i did realize my fetish for bald men during the time we spent there! After that, we come home only to quick rush off to the MASSAGE party where i got a free wonderful massage. AND THEN we went to dinner at this crappy place, but it was good company and i had a sex on the beach, so the bad food and service made up for it.

Today I had to work, blech I hate getting up early in the morning, thats all I have to say about that. Not much else going on, ALIAS is new tonight so that will be fun. I also have lots of ideas running around in my head about things. I hate when i think too much about the future, it drives me crazy. OHHH speaking of the future, TUESDAY is Mardi Gras and fells pt-my great neighborhood is having a huge bash-anyone is invited if they want to drive up here! And lets not forget Scarlet's make out party on FRIDAY! YAY! I hope its going to be a good sure sounds like it will!


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