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:: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 ::

Oh man, i'm so tired and its 3 AM and i cant oh well i guess i'll blog. Yesterday at work i broke the piano, now mind you, the piano was going to break anyway cause its so freakin old and fragile, and I just happen to be the unlucky one moving it at the time that it broke. Anyway, my boss blew up at me. Thats it, i'm quitting in june, no matter what. Everyone, when i say i might stay, remind me about the 'broken piano day' and this will reknew my anger at my boss. So this piano thing is one reason why i cant sleep. There are a few others--mainly just future related issues and the fact that i just want to have some good old fashioned fun without having to expense alot of effort. This time last year i was drunk every night...or was I at carengie hall making out with polish men...hmmm something like that at least!


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