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:: Thursday, March 27, 2003 ::

I had an hour and a half interview today! For a LIFEGUARD position! Wow. Well, they also want me to coach the swim team (whoa) so I guess that had a lot to do with seeing if I'm competant and sane (don't worry, I fooled them). So I talked with the director of the place for like an hour+ then the Aquatics Director showed me the pool and stuff but...I'm not really sure if I got the job. I mean, they still have to call my references and she said she'd call me. I'm just so scared to get my hopes up and then have something go wrong. But I'm even willing to work the Friday morning 5:30-10 am (yes AM) shift! ANYTHING. I'll keep you all posted since I'm sure you're curious to know how it turns out, ha. Riiight.
Robert and I sign the lease to the "Friends" pad tomorrow. Why do I call it that you may ask? And I'm sure Robert is. Well, It has a big open area and I've decided it looks like Monica's apt on friends and for that reason alone I plan on making it look like that. Watch out Roberto! You better throw you stuff in there and then leave, hahha, um...kidding. But really, First plan is to get a frame to put around the peephole, or imaginary peephole if necessary. After that I'm not sure but you're all invited over. I can't remember the address because well, I have THE WORST memory ever. And that's such a bad thing seeing as how I have a lab practical on Monday and I have to MEMORIZE a ton of Latin names and crap. Oh these are the times I hate school....along with the other parts like class and tests and homework and stuff. Oh it was funny in the interview that caused me to age a year, I had to say where I "see myself in 5 years" and I really have no idea but the guy used to be a principal and he said, "You know, teaching, grad school, what do you see yourself doing?" Haha, So I made up this *plan* to teach for a few years as I get my masters, most likely in entomology but I'm also considering conducting althought "That's a hard field to get into" hahaha. OK, maybe only funny to me. I should have said, "I plan on marrying and being a housewife" bc, while there is SO nothing wrong with that (in fact it sounds ideal at times) its expected to have some great answer about what you plan for your life and ambitions and crap. That's right, CRAP!
My mom and uncle Eddie come tonite, They better take me out to dinner. If not they're buying me drinks at Sauce. Woohoo, Drunk with mom!

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