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:: Friday, March 07, 2003 ::

And your absence will especially be missed tomorrow nite at the partay. Adrienne left me a message today so it's exciting that she might come:) And Jesse and Jobeth said they can come by and their friends Tad and Tracy said maybe but they don't live in the city so I won't hold it against them if they don't. I will be keeping my ill feelings towards those who said they would come and live in the Richmond area but have recently said they "don't think" they can come. Completely lame.
Hmm, our "rowdy" neighbors are being rowdy. As in yelling in the street rowdy. I saw a girl fight tonite in front of Catch 22-the cops were there and everything. Girl fights are the best.
I'm glad I went out tonite to see Jesse and Jobeth at Sauce, I needed to have that social interaction and to be somewhere other than my house or in a classroom taking a test. I have a lot more fun there now that J+J seem to stay on the quieter bar side because we can talk and I don't feel completely alone, haha. I need to make a raver friend perhaps to take there with me. I did get in for free (the guy remembered me, I'm memorable:) and I got a free water so it was a success. More on my *other* online journal that I've succumbed to getting. And I don't want to hear anything about having multiple ones. I have more than one screenname, more than one webpage, more than one email so it's fitting to have more than one online journal.

ps. the one nite you didn't ask...

:: Miss Scarlet 1:15 AM [+] ::
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