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:: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 ::

And now the debut of the MID-WEEKER RANDOM BLOG! I want all readers (and Jules!) to copy and paste this into the comments and answer these questions. We'll do this each week and it will be tons of fun. Here are the rules:
1) Don't talk about the MID-WEEKER RANDOM BLOG! (haha, jk but Brad Pitt is hot)
2) There is no theme, it is all a result of my stream of consciousness
2.5) There is also no set number of questions, it's all what I'm feeling like doing.
3) Please leave your name, but I guess I'd take no name over no response
4) Any suggestions for questions can be emailed to me, there's a link somewhere on this page for that
5) If you look like Brad Pitt, please send a shirtless picture to above mentioned email address, thanks
Those are all the rules I can think of! yay!

4 March 2003

1. Can you remember the first movie you saw in the theatre? Yes, Honey i Shrunk the Kids and I was so nervous for some reason that I had to go to the bathroom a ton of times and I missed the bee part.
2. What was your first job? Besides babysitting and working as a counseler at Girl Scout camp I was a cashier at NASTY Food Lion (you MUST refer to it with nasty or else its 2 4-letter words!) with Cins and Reens (haha, I'm so bringing you two down with me!)
3. Do you take any medications? Well, I should be taking Clarinex so I don't have allergies but I haven't had any money to get it. But today I sneezed a lot so I think I need to start taking it again because stupid spring is coming
4. Speaking of which, Do you like spring? GAWD NO! I think it's an embarassment to the seasons. It's gross and hot and humid and it rains a lot but it's warm rain and then there's tons of pollen so I'm miserable all the time. And while that also describes summer in a lot of ways, spring forces you to go to school while its gross out and that's just wrong. And if one person comments on the "real world" I'll reveal all of your secrets right here on the internet, don't mess with me:)
5. How was your first MID-WEEKER RANDOM BLOG? Perfection!

:: Miss Scarlet 3:49 PM [+] ::
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