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:: Monday, December 02, 2002 ::

okay so the HEAT in my appartment is NOT WORKING. But, thanks to the fabulous church i work for, they provided me with a space heater so at least my room is warmer then it was last night.

Anyway, neil, my best friend from back home, was last week, all about "lets hang out over thanksgiving, it will be good to see you". So we went over to his family's house for dessert on thanksgiving and he hardly said a word to me because his gf was there. And then, he never called me after that. So, tonight, i get a call from him, apologising that he never called. Now, this guy is like a brother, and last year i had the same problem and i got all mad and we didnt talk for months. So now i feel like i dont want to yell at him, but i'm really insulted that his gf will not let him hang out with more or he doesnt think its the best idea for us to hang out together. This really eaks at me and i'm kinda bummed about it. I just hate to see people make the same mistakes i did. Enough of that serious stuff...

ALIAS...OMG...if only i could have a handler as good as syd's...yum...

Its supposed to snow here possibly this week...wouldnt that be a treat. Oh and i'm buying a car and seeing as how i've never bought a car before, i need some advice, if anyone knows anything, i'd be happy if you filled me in!

:: Julianne 12:00 AM [+] ::
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