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:: Tuesday, December 31, 2002 ::

Now that i finally told scarls my christmas eve disaster i can blog about it.

Over thanksgiving, i went to ann taylor and bought this fabulous satin and velvet christmas outfit ($250) Okay yes, i cant afford that but you know what, it was a christmas present to myself, and i thought after this hellish year i deserved it. So on christmas eve, i put on the fabulous outfit and went to work (for the eve liturgies). Well I had to liturgies the 4 PM and the 6 PM. And the children's choir was sining at the 4. So at the end of our warmup, just a few minutes before liturgy started, one of my kids fainted on the risers. So i rushed to her and she came to and she looked at me and said "miss julianne i dont feel well" so i said "okay lets get you down these risers" but, she wouldnt move, so i picked her up and walked down the risers and into the Forum looking for her mom. When i turned back and looked down at her she said again "miss julianne i really dont feel well" and then...BLECH...she puked all over me and my new outfit! So i felt gross i kindly put the child down and then looked at myself and realized she had thrown up nuts. Which, by the way i'm super allergic too. When i got back to my office to get cleaned up, i noticed i was breaking out in hives all over my body (well wherever the puke was). Luckily, i had some allergy pills, another christmas like shirt, and one of my adult choir members ran and got me a black skirt to wear. This all transpired in like 10 minutes cause the liturgy had to start (and its started late because of me!). Anyway, i made it through the night. Then on the 26th i took the outfit to the dry cleaners and the guy said "i do what i can...i make no promises" So i'm going to go pick it up tomorrow and see if its fixed. thats my story....

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