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:: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 ::

I just realized that i hate my boss...i mean really, before i excused the fact that i hated my job because i had a good boss, but today i decided i dont like him. ANother thing i dont like is this whole job thing. I guess i'm nto cut out for it. I really dont like it at all, i mean maybe i'd like it if i enjoyed it. But i dont even enjoy it lately. And ministry...when did i ever think i would be a good minister? YUCK...sick of this.

I'm sorry i'm complaining alot, but honestly, there's not much good going on. Except that one it is icy outside so i'm home from work early, buti have to do work like things at home and 2) i made brownies last night so i have some chocolate in the house which is always a very good thing i believe. Hmm...i just dont know what i'm going to do anymore. I'm kinda sad with all of this.

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