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:: Saturday, December 28, 2002 ::

Christmas was good for me too. I got a new cell phone- a Samsung a310 flip phone, and then i got a naked chef cookbook, alot of cds, a breifcase like bag but it looks cool, a couple of shirts, and some i made out pretty well. Other then that my vacation is sucking, my grandmother is in the hospital and we have to spend alot of time at the hospital and i love my grandmommy but i hate hospitals, and she's all loony and not remebering things. Like she'll be like "where did amy jo go" and we say "home" and then a minute later "where did amy jo go". God bless Amy Jo, because she was so much better with her. So, when we're not at the hospital everyone is bitter and mad at eachother because we have been getting now sleep and the house is a wreck and everyone is just bitchy. Some vacation. I know i shouldt bitch about my grandmother (and i'm really not) its just a really rough time right now.

I dont know what else to say. None of my friends here will return any of my phone calls. I think its cause they hate me cause i have a real job (cause i'm one of the select few). Its not my fault that they are bitter. I really think its because i of all people (who got a music degree and was never supposed to be employed) have a job, so they dont like to talk to me. I dunno, maybe they are just busy.

Boy wish i was back up in balty, at least i would have a lil peace and quiet. Blah.

:: Julianne 11:58 AM [+] ::
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