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:: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 ::

Christmas cards pay off. I sent one last week to my dear scottish friend Robin and he received it this morning and sent me the nicest email in return. I am very surprised at the British post because last year my christmas cards never even got to their rightful owners...instead i got them back in the month of may! But i mailed these babies on Friday and here it is Tuesday, and he received it already! Fabulous i say...Fabulous!

Not much else going on. Its a busy week at work because i need to get about three thousand things done in order to be ready for next week. Isnt that strange? I cant believe a week from today is Christmas eve, and while everyone else will be at home with their families...i'll be working...does that not suck? Oh well i guess thats how things work out. Oh, i'm obsessed with this great song by John Mayer called "your body is a wonderland"...its all about sex pretty much and here i am at work (a catholic church mind you) listening to the song. The good thing is none of these people really ever listen to the they'll never know...

I guess i should get to work i got some thangs to do. Scarls...i hope you found the discount card...i'm thinking me+you+the banana...:o)

:: Julianne 10:19 AM [+] ::
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