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:: Thursday, November 07, 2002 ::

WOO is my Friday (for those of you who dont keep up i work Sunday-Thursday) so today is my friday! And its been a good one. Tomorrow i'm having lunch with my new friend, Lizzie...matt's girlfriend. Without her...i think i'd be going insane honestly. Maybe we'll go to koopers and work on our free lunches...we only have like 5 more to go! Not much else is going on. My dad is being a jerk to my mom. I need advice on how to deal with a dad thats being rude and hurtful and spiteful to a mom. I mean, how do you call you dad on childish you just do it? Who knows...

I'm on a new volleyball team that plays on Sunday nights and apparently I'm the CAPTAIN of the team. WOO HOO. Although, i hope i'm not the one that sucks the most. Wouldnt that be bad...oh well we shall see what happens. At least i'm in a leadership position...where i like to be. I get to call the time outs!

Okay i'm outta here for now. Well i'm actually kinda bored so i'll do a top ten:

Top Ten Reasons Why I'm Glad I'm Moving in a Week
10. One of my roomates is stubborn
9. I dont appreciate my current landlord
8. My other roomate is kinda OC with the cleaning
7. My roomates like to ....oh my this top ten list is turning into a ranting and bashing against some otherwise nice people whom i just cant stand....

Let me try another top ten...

of forget bout a project for you guys...

Leave in the "love letters" comment part of this blog the Top Ten Reasons Why You Enjoy Reading the 451 Family Blog....have fun with it and I expect to see some creative lists!

:: Julianne 4:21 PM [+] ::
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