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:: Thursday, November 21, 2002 ::

Well kids...this is it...okay not really i'm at work and bored i have about 20 minutes till my rehearsal that better be productive because we have so many things to get done in the only 2 hr time that we have. And i'm tired...I'm going to ocean city this weekend which would be really fun but i'm going with two people that i'd really rather not like to spend the weekend with but i guess thats how it goes sometimes, correct? Strange how the world works when it wants to rule your life. Oh well. Everytime today at work admitted that i'm my boss's favorite. This girl Karin said "i used to be the favorite...then YOU came along"...oh well i dont know if thats true. I think angela is the favorite because they are like best friends...but i admit...he never really gets mad at me like he gets mad at the others. Interesting. I'm going to buy a used car soon. I'm excited that i can make that kind of decision. And hopefully i won't run out of money or i'll get some help from my parents or grandparents. I'll just have to be a super saver. It would also help if i could get a boyfriend that would start paying for me everytime i went out. That would actually solve alot of my spending problems. But i guess thats not really a good reason to want a boyfriend. Cause there would have to be alot more shit that i'd have to deal with besides that. Oh well such is the life. I dont got anything else so peace out my people!

:: Julianne 6:46 PM [+] ::
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