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:: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 ::

TOP 10 Musical Moments in My Life
10. Getting First Chair flute in 6th grade after i had been last chair flute in 5th grade (i loved the look on those 8th grade girls faces when i placed higher then them.)
9. Getting to play a piccolo solo on the field to "you can call me all" in 10th grade
8. Getting a solo in Rutter's Requiem for our Spring Choir Concert my Senior Year
7. Playing the flute at numerous choir concerts all the time in HS (and getting PAID for it)
6. Playing with Liturgical Music legends like David Haas, Stephen Petrunak, Lori True (okay i know you guys dont know these guys, but in my line of buisiness, they are top dogs)
5. Getting to be Drum Major my Senior Year in HS
4. Getting the only "A" in both my Orchestral and Choral conducting classes (the orchestral class was a bigger monumental thing)
3. Having the "best head in kromeriz" at my 2002 Conducting Workshop...and conducting the Vltava that day rocked too
2. Finally getting through my Senior Recital in March
1. of course, Playing Carnegie Hall!

Okay well thats it...i dont have any other great moments in my life then these listed here...well actually i'm sure i do. I'm at work again, although my computer is NOW working and i'm bumming off my mom's AOL account until i can get some kinda ISP of my own. Not much else going on. I've been on a cleaning frenzy believe it or not. I even cleaned my office today...which is amazing. Ugh, the guy is vaccumming and I cant hear my music...oh good maybe he's done. Darn, i wasnt so lucky.

Not much else going on. I really love my new place. And i think i'll be going back to Kromeriz next year because i miss conducting so so much...its time i started studying some scores. In all this free time i have (yeah right). Oh well guess i'll go and be productive...I am after all, at work.

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