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:: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 ::

I just had my Life Science Recitation class and we discussed something interesting: There were 2 deaf women who had a deaf man donate sperm for their child bc they wanted a deaf child so they could communicate and stuff. Now, most everyone in my class thought that this was the most outrageous horrible thing ever but here are some thoughts...1)Would this have been so bad of it was a married deaf couple? They're still choosing to pass on deaf genes. Isn't it more often the case for two deaf people ot marry? And would it be right to tell them they can't reproduce? 2) Deaf people don't always view not being able to hear as big of a disability as those people who can hear do. Who is to say that being deaf is worse than any other "disability" that gets passed on.
OK, Please feel free to COMMENT on this by clicking on the "no love" or "love letters" link up above. I was getting irritated in class bc everyone is so stupid. I don't know how I feel one way or another but they were all just saying "thats so seflish! blah blah blah" No real arguments. Like usual.
In other news, I'm starving but trying to resist chik-fil-a breakfast sandwiches upstairs (I'm in the Commons) bc I need to save my money for Strike Anywhere and gas to get around this weekend. But ohhhmyyygawd I can't wait to go home for lunch. Leftover mac+cheese.
Rainer Maria tonite in RVA-I'm not sure if I'm going but if anyone else is, let me know! I can't wait for Friday! "Friday I'm in love" or Saturday "It's another Saturday nite and I ain't got nobody" (oh thats not a good song to use" and Sunday! "SUNDDDAAAAY BLOOODDY SUNNNDAAAYYY!' But today is only Wednesday "Our weekend starts on wednesday!" Thursday will be interesting=/

:: Miss Scarlet 9:50 AM [+] ::
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