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:: Thursday, October 17, 2002 ::

Okay so i'm having my mid-twenties crisis

Top Ten Things I Dont Have:
10. All the money in the world
9. A boyfriend
8. A great car
7. Good Roomates
6. A keg
5. A drinking habit (believe me this is a bad thing)
4. A great job
3. A computer at home
2. A place to live
1. A satisfying life!

Okay so those things are so i'll counteract it:

Top 7.5 Good Things That Happened (or will happen) this week:
7.5 I got to work out on Monday and Tuesday
7. I bought a new sweater
6. I bought some socks
5. I found two more potential places to live
4. I will get paid tomorrow
3. Tia's Happy Hour tomorrow possibly?
2. I get a week off for Christmas
1. My boss offered to pay 500 bucks down on my europe trip next year...

So, see there are some good things just have to look for them really hard i guess. Well thats it for me, i'll probably blog more later today because i'm sitting at work with stuff to do, but i'm so tired from working 11 hours yesterday that i am just sitting brain is mush...i feel like i live here.


:: Julianne 2:15 PM [+] ::
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