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:: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 ::

Lovely weather we are having...

I get to wear my scarf...and if you know me then you know i even wear my scarf indoors...sure i get some weird looks, but being a musician i know the importance of keeping your throat warm...(more and more i realize i'm becoming a snob)

Last night i went to this volleyball practice. It was so much fun, i sucked alot and i am so sore today but i did have alot of fun. But i probably wont go back...darn. But, i was so sore and last night around midnight i was falling asleep watching tv and harsh came downstairs and was like "jul, (his incessant annoying nickname for me) my car lights are on"...i was like "that sucks" so then he went and turned them off and discoverd his car had died. So he asked me for jumper cables...which I had...then he realized he didnt know how to use them...hell, he couldnt even open the top of his i had to do it for him, in the pouring down freezing cold rain at 12:30 AM. Now, i must admit, i was pretty proud that i could jump a car...but only cause i tend to jump my car about every 3 happens.

So i got like 10 hours of sleep and i'm still dead to the world. I think its cause i'm so depressed...because i am tired all the time. You guys should come visit me and i could share with you the pleasures of Baltimore...but no one likes to make the trek up here. This makes me sad. I mean i know its a sucky city, but i dunno...

I have to start packing again this weekend, which i think i will do on saturday and sunday. I should take a day off soon. Or a personal day...God do i need a personal day.

Well blog later.

:: Julianne 2:32 PM [+] ::
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