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:: Monday, October 28, 2002 ::

Hate work...wish i was in london.

I have found a volleyball team up here in baltimore so i am going to go practice with them tomorrownight. I'm kinda scared because i have not played real volleyball in a while...but i guess i should at least try it. Unfortunately, their practices are going to be on wednesday nights when i have to work, but maybe i could work it so i could leave work early sometimes...we'll see if i'm even any good first.

I'm moving sooner then later. I signed my new lease today and I really cant wait to get out of my new place. But, matt told me Aliceanna street (where i'm moving to) is one of the most haunted streets in baltimore so that makes me a lil' uneasy...oh well...what can i say, the rent is cheap.

Nothing else is new with me. I'm kinda tired, crabby, and lonely, but i'm trying to make myself have mandatory social time...most often not with my one annoying roomate.

I'm also about to fall asleep....

:: Julianne 8:34 PM [+] ::
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