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:: Thursday, October 31, 2002 ::

Happy Halloween Kids!

I'm at work and i'm basically done for today...i accomplished my two goals: clean desk and do bills. And i did both sucessfully so now its time to sit here and waste time...because i'm supposed to stay till four...which is really just another hour. Tonight, I'm going to Matt's that should be fun...I'm going to burn some cd's and hopefully we'll get into some other fun things since its halloween.

Not much else is happening at all really, i'm quite tired and that is usual so i wont bore you with that. My body still hurts from volleyball on Tuesday...

I keep messing up at work...just another sign that I am no good at this job...Dman these people who make me think i am doing a good job.

And when my boss gets back i'm sure its going to be like crunch time...blah...

blah blah blah...i feel like i havnt slept in weeks

:: Julianne 2:53 PM [+] ::
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