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:: Friday, October 04, 2002 ::

Happy Birthday Jobeth!!!!

Last nite after watching wonderful episodes of FRIENDS and ER I headed down to Sauce in Shockoe Bottom to hang out with Jesse and Jobeth and hear them play. I ended up working the door bc the regular guy didn't show up and I didn't really know anyoneto hang out with. It was fun. After the initial few people who had one person on the guest list but wanted everyone to get in free it was easy. Oh and also after I figured out what ages could get 21+ wrist bands and who couldn't. I flet dumb with one girl bc her bday's in December and I'm like "how old ARE you?" bc I had a mental block, haha. It's also fun to havelike $40 in ones in your pocket....mmm. I only stayed til about 12:30 bc I had class this morning at 8 (dear Lord) but as I was leaving this weird guy with dreds (sp?) who had been breakdancing *stifles laughter* and showing his ass kissed my ear!? Weird. Now, just to clarify, it wasn't his breakdancing that was funny, it was that he wasn't on beat at all! AND he kept showing his rump-nasty.

So today has finally come. Alyssa's Bday party is tonite at Cara and Katies, should be cool. Hope noone hates me since I have to head out early to get to my previous engagement at Christopher's.

Ok you know what, I'm about to hurl the breakfast I did not have so I think I have to go home and sleep. MAYBE I can make it back to class:( Man, I really didn't want to miss. But ugh, I feel like shite.


:: Miss Scarlet 9:23 AM [+] ::
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