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:: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 ::

Awww scarls, i'm sorry to hear about the Hot Water Music Show, but i dont really know what it is...maybe you should fill me in later. A big shout out for scarls for being the only dedicated blogger. I just have to blog at work and there are very few times when no one is around to look over my shoulder. Things are going well so far this week. But i'm not keeping my fingers crossed...i'm sure something will go wrong. Harsh left on monday in a rush and hasnt been back since...i hope everything is okay, because that wouldnt be good if something happened and he got deported or something...

Scarls- Why isnt the "final kegger" poster one of your favorite six posters on your wall? This depresses me a little...

ALIAS guys should check it out, and while i'm on it, West Wing is on tonight, so you should definately watch that. Unless, of course, you live in Fredericksburg, then i expect you to go to Hard Times for pool and beer, because thats what every sane person should do on a wednesday night in fredericksburg. Okay?

Top Seven.5 things that have happened this week: (not these are not necessarily good or bad)

7.5 I got to work out two days in a row
7. But i slept in this morning instead of working out
6. I sat through a two hour boring meeting with highly annoying people (but i survived--and got a crispy creme doughnut for it!)
5. I passed by the new Atlanta Bread Company that just opened by work and got sad cause i cant afford to buy lunch there
4. My boss surprised me with lunch from the Atlanta Bread company
3. I had the *best* bubble bath last night
2. I got to watch ALIAS
1. Dinner at STARLITE with SCARLS!

:: Julianne 5:32 PM [+] ::
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