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:: Monday, September 02, 2002 ::

Tomorrow, its back to work after a long long long weekend. It was a nice weekend actually, with out too much emotional intensity. I'm looking forward to getting back to work...isnt that strange? But i went to ikea and bought a table to put into my office and so i'm looking forward to setting that up. OHHHHH and I talked to my landlord today and i get to move into my new place next weekend! WOO i just have to find some people to help me move my shit because my parents cannot help me at all next weekend. Well, my mom may be able to fly up but she cant do any heavy lifting and that really wont help me that much. But i am majorly excited to get into my new place. Hopefully my roomies will be cool and will like to go out and shit because its high time i got my social life back in gear!

Not much else is going on I hung out with scarlet and laura this past weekend which was tons of fun of course, then yesterday i went to a movie and spent some time with greg, which was fun. So see, things are going well. I'll just be happy to get out of this offense to marsha she has been a great person to live with, i'm just ready to be settled in somewhere...(for those of you who dont know i've been temporarily homeless since may 26) So, you can see how i'm eeked at not having a permanent home. And now, once i move to balty, my commute will only be 25 minutes as opposed to the hour i'm doing everyday now. Thats a whole nother half hour i get to sleep in. Okay, i guess i've lectured you enough on reasons why its good i get to move into my new place. I really have nothing else to talk ciao!

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